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Destination Yellowstone

Big Horn mountains with stunning wild flowers (larkspur?) in the foreground,

We missed an exit in Casper and just decided to keep going, since neither one of us had been to Buffalo Wyoming. Friendly convenience store attendant suggested we drive over the Bi Horn mountains to Worland. 

Loved the scenery- look for some Patrick photos to come from this! 

First Buffalo of the day, next to Yellowstone Lake, perfectly gorgeous sky😊

From the overlook at the awesomely beautiful Falls

Flowers everywhere 

Mammoth Springs 

The topside of mammoth springs mountain 

grand prismatic is stunning in person 

Excelsior Geiser Crater

Refreshing waters of the fire hole river after a nice hike down into a small canyon on the fire hole river drive ends our second day in Yellowstone park 

West Yellowstone animal rescue Wolf

The elk that were the reason the traffic was stopped and it took us 2 hours to travel 15 miles 

Can you see the black bear 🐻? Neither could we but another traveler spotted it wher we fad pulled over for a pit stop in Lamar Valley. On our way to Cody for the end of day 3 

Goodbye Yellowstone Lake

Hello Tetons!

And yet another happy Buffalo!!!

Why it took us so long getting to Grand Junction 

It's great to have people who can direct you to the backroads! These are the beautiful surprises you can find - between Rock Springs Wyo and Meeker CO. 

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